Download The Addiction Intervention Process to Long Term Addiction Recovery

14-Steps to on the Road to Long Term Recovery

This one-pager will walk you through the 14-steps to get your loved one back on their life's path. Sobriety is an empowering journey for those who complete it with the support of their family and friends.

14-Steps on the Road to Addiction Recovery:

  1. Crisis Precipitates Intervention
  2. Anger & Fear

  3. Seeks Solutions & Empowerment

  4. Engages Professional Help

  5. Turning Point

  6. Discovery

  7. Strategy and Commitment

  8. Pre-intervention Meeting

  9. Day of Intervention

  10. Post-Intervention Debrief

  11. Systemic Change

  12. Post-treatment

  13. Recovery Coaching & Relapse Prevention

  14. Long Term Recovery

Download The Intervention Process: 14-Steps on the Road to Long Term Recovery

The Intervention Process